Elon Musk Has a Plan B If He Can’t Buy Twitter


Elon Musk commented about the potential purchase of Twitter during a Ted talk today. During a taped interview, he said he has a Plan B if he can’t purchase Twitter. He won’t elaborate, but it’s no surprise that he has a Plan B.

He probably has to go to Plan B. A Saudi investor rejected his bid.

The Federal government launched an investigation on Biden the same day he announced his bid to take Twitter private.

Musk complained about what he says was the unlawful strongarming by the San Francisco office of the SEC.

The Tesla CEO spoke about Tesla being on the brink of bankruptcy and how he slept on the factory floor during those days.

Mr. Musk is a man of vision and he’s willing to take risks other people won’t take.

Bringing the conversation to the topic of free speech, he said, ” I have sufficient assets and funding to complete the transaction and am “open to ideas” to improve Twitter.”

“Healthy free speech is when someone says something you don’t like,” he said. That comment will shake up the media that has said his ideas on free speech are “dangerous.”

Additionally, Musk wants to see Twitter err on the side of allowing tweets that are questioned.  He said “timeouts” are better than permanent bans “if a gray area, let the tweet exist.”

“I don’t have all the answers…”The black box algorithm is dangerous, promoting some content, not others.”

Mr. Musk is not sure he will be able to acquire Twitter and won’t say what he will do if he can’t. However, he believes Twitter has become the de facto “Town Square” and America needs an “inclusive platform” for “free speech.”

He said he hopes it’s” not too miserable”, but it’s important to the United States and the world. His hope is to retain as many shareholders as possible. For him, it’s “not about making money”, it’s “not about economics at all”, it’s about civilization.

Watch the Ted talk with Elon Musk, roll it back to -1:16: https://livestream.com/tedprivate/ted2022


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Mostly Grey
Mostly Grey
1 year ago

Free speech is all about hearing things you may not like or agree with. Without free speech you cannot solve any problems or come upon with solutions to any problem. Without free speech you simply continue responding to any problem in the same manner as you always have, expecting different results each time, and getting the same failing results as before. Noting I’m proves. This ain’t that hard to figure out. What the ones who try and limit free speech dislike is that those who would speak freely don’t say things they agree with. Right back to the same old responding the same way looking for and never receiving any different results. And they call themselves “progressives”. Thats about as regressive as you can possibly be.

1 year ago

Without free speech we’ll never know if someone is really speaking their mind or just saying things in a way not to be censored.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ronnie