Elon Musk: Parents Don’t Know What the Kids Are Being Taught


Bill Maher interviewed Elon Musk and discussed the new progressive ideology, which Elon Musk calls the “woke mind virus.” Maher said he is being called a conservative, and so is Musk. Maher, a liberal, said he hasn’t changed. They’ve changed. Musk, a self-described moderate who said he voted for Joe Biden, agreed.

They are left behind. Maher said the WOKEs are the opposite of liberals. He seemed surprised as if it was news.

Parents Don’t Know What the Kids Are Being Taught

They don’t seem to know where this insanity came from.

“Did it escape from a lab? What is your assessment? Because it’s fairly recent. How did it start and why?” Maher asked, confused.”I was trying to figure out where it’s coming from,” Musk said to Maher. “I think it’s actually been a long time brewing in that it’s I think it’s been going on for a while. The amount of indoctrination that’s happening in schools and universities is, I think, far beyond what parents realize.

“I came to realize this somewhat late. The experience that we had in high school and college is not the experience that kids today are having, and hasn’t been for, I don’t know, for ten years, maybe 20 years,” Musk said.

“Aren’t parents themselves also a big part of the problem?” Maher interjected. Musk said the parents have the woke mind virus themselves, and it’s alternative schools with teachers who have not succumbed to the “woke mind virus” themselves.

“I think, well, I suppose in some cases that parents are a bit—but I think the parents are just generally not aware of what their kids are being taught, or what they’re not being taught,” he said.

It’s frightening and true.

Musk also mentioned the lack of education. The kids know George Washington was a slave owner, and that’s all they know about George Washington.

“They’re letting the kids think that they’re equal,” Maher interjected.

Maher’s correct. It’s part of the State’s goal to usurp parental control of the children.

None of this is sudden. The hard left, the Marxists, worked on this for a hundred years, especially since the sixties. They realized they could control the future by controlling the children’s minds.

Liberalism is dead. Marxism is the Democrat Party today.

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6 months ago

Those of us who paid attention realized what had happened in the late 80s. We sent our children to Conservative Private Schools; preferably overseas! Unfortunately, even those schools started getting infected about 10 years ago. There are only a hand full of true conservative schools left in America.

It started when the Radicals of the late 1960s started running the school system. In one respect Covid was the Best Thing that happened to Education in America. Parents were locked up with their children and actually saw the garbage they are being taught.

John Vieira
John Vieira
6 months ago

The Main sewer Stream fake Media has been the most impressive player in this connection for over fifty years…and social media, including Twitter pre Musk, were very ardent supporters for years. ‘Wokeism’ is really a severe case of’somnambulism’