Elon Musk Smites NPR and BBC


Elon Musk took on NPR and BBC and exposed them for precisely what they are. They are pathetic and hypocritical.

Twitter labeled NPR “state-affiliated media” but changed it to “government-funded media,” which is exactly what they are. NPR doesn’t like being called what they are, so they said they would no longer use Twitter.

Elon Musk didn’t get the “government-funded” label from nowhere. NPR gets government funding and direction from the government.

NPR said on its own website that “Federal funding is essential to public radio.”  They called themselves “government-funded.”

Elon seems surprised that they are hypocrites. Democrats take pride in being hypocrites.

The BBC reporter sat with Elon Musk and couldn’t defend his position. He was trying to convince Mr. Musk that hate speech is growing on Twitter and couldn’t name one instance.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
7 months ago

Today people like to talk in generalities.
Too often we hear things like “It is common knowledge” which the person follows by stating their own prejudices, but can not site proof for the silly statement but there is none, for what that said is in effect a lie.
Love how Musk, sticking to reality destroys the light thinking reporter.

Learn from his example.
Another tactic is to use the reductio ad absurdum argument.
“Assuming what you said were true then that would lead to … and show how the comment or opinion leads to and absurd result.

It is effective for example as someone who wants to argue for unlimited national debt and denies there ae consequences. Take a big number, show that servicing a debt that size would consume the whole budget leaving the government unable to work.

7 months ago

In today’s world the Mainstream Media become upset by the truth! Government Media should be defunded, not cops.

7 months ago

Time to end funding for these government propaganda media outlets, NPR and PBS, and more. They’re the leaders in spreading disinformation.