Elon Stands Up for DW Film, “What Is a Woman” To Protect Children


I’m posting Elon Musk’s latest tweets to follow up on Sentinel articles expressing concerns about free speech on Twitter. The Twitter censors harshly restricted a Daily Wire film, What Is a Woman, falsely calling it hate speech. Twitter’s head of Trust & Safety resigned, and then Elon tweeted, which you can look at below.

Twitter put the film behind a warning sign, and it couldn’t be shared or retweeted, and no one could comment on it. These recent tweets below explain how he feels.

Mr. Musk paid his own company to advertize it. It’s a bold move. Watch the movie and tell me what is hateful.

Candace Owens thanked him.

No one should think it is okay to put children through these transition surgeries, nor should they be given puberty blockers. This is not extreme right-wing, political or religious. It’s common sense. Everyone should give this serious thought. It’s about the welfare of children. At some point, people need to draw the line. Anything that could hurt children should always be the endpoint.

The numbers of children getting these surgeries or blockers are surging.

This is something we can all agree on.

This is the lie the Left wants you to believe. You know it’s not true, so don’t go along with it. Jimmy here seems to believe it, but he’s wrong.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
3 months ago

Poor little Jimmy

He has no facts, no logical arguments, all he has is hysterical accusations of racism, bigotry

all that is missing is that we – right wingers – eat puppy dogs for breakfast so mean we are !

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 months ago

He has been consistent. Haters of free speech will use anything to try to blame him for deprivation of free speech.