What Is Going on at Twitter? It’s Alarming!


What went on yesterday with Daily Wire’s film, “What is a Woman,” was absolutely bizarre and scary. Elon Musk is trying to provide us with a free speech platform while censors control his site.

Perhaps it’s just a matter of getting control of the AI. Elon said the film is labeled “sensitive,” so it can’t be shared, retweeted, or commented on. It’s not sensitive, but the hardcore left wouldn’t like it. That is the only reason to censor it.


First, the movie was canceled, so Matt Walsh flagged Elon on his thread. The reason for the cancelation is two people in the film misgendered others. One was a father who still referred to his daughter as a female.

Elon responded:

“Whether or not you agree with using someone’s preferred pronouns, not doing so is at most rude and certainly breaks no laws,” Musk said on Twitter in a reply to the original thread posted by Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing. “I should note that I do personally use someone’s preferred pronouns, just as I use someone’s preferred name, simply from the standpoint of good manners. However, for the same reason, I object to rude behavior, ostracism, or threats of violence if the wrong pronoun or name is used.”

He also said:

Twitter’s rejection of the Daily Wire’s  “What Is a Woman?” documentary on the basis of “misgendering” was “a mistake by many people at Twitter. It is definitely allowed.”

Daily Wire posted it to Twitter, and it received 3500 retweets in two minutes until it was put under wraps as ‘hate speech.”

There was no hate speech in this film.

At 8:97, Elon said: Commenting & deliberate sharing will be allowed. Sensitive content just won’t be pushed to people unless they ask for it or a friend sends it to them.

Elon was talked into this ‘compromise’ and doesn’t appear to have control over his own company. We talked about that, and so did Conservative Treehouse. Twitter could be dealing with significant financial issues due to the decrease in memberships and the reduction in ads.

The censors of the cancel culture will destroy anyone who doesn’t obey.

I watched the film, and there is nothing wrong with it. It’s very well done. If the ideologues don’t like it because it reveals who and what they are doing, then that should be their problem.

I’d like you to see some responses:

In that last comment above, @blunomatterwho includes MAPS – they’re PEDOPHILES.

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