Emails show deceitful CBS’s chicanery in the DeSantis episode


CBS’s ’60 Minutes’ is lying. We all know they are lying. Despite that, they continue to lie. They are pretending that choosing Publix as a vaccine injection site was somehow a pay-to-play scheme on the part of Florida Governor DeSantis.

Fox News has obtained new emails that reveal more of the behind-the-scenes trickery by CBS producers before the 60 Minutes hit piece on Governor DeSantis aired on Sunday.


The emails showed that ’60 Minutes’ requested answers to some key questions and wanted answers by an arbitrary date and time.

The questions included: “How did the state determine that seniors were at greater risk” to the coronavirus “than other groups,” a response to claims from “sources” who say the vaccine rollout “favored wealthier communities” while “African American and Hispanic residents” were “not getting vaccinated as quickly” as White people.

DeSantis’s office asked for more time but didn’t get a reply.

The next day, ’60 Minutes’ asked DeSantis’s office by email to send the responses when they are able. They added that the airing would be on Sunday.

DeSantis’s office requested they interview Florida’s Director of Emergency Manaement Dr. Jacob Moskowitz, who was available that day and Friday to do an interview either in a studio or by Skype.

DeSantis Didn’t Even Pick Publix

Mr. Moskowitz is a Democrat and he had direct knowledge about who picked Publix — because he picked.

The “60 Minutes” producer replied that they had requested an on-the-record interview with Moskowitz “repeatedly” since February and claimed that he had not responded to messages since mid-March.

DeSantis’ office stressed that it was “important” for CBS News to interview Moskowitz and Palm Beach County Mayor David Kerner, who ’60 Minutes’ said was not responsive to inquiries.

They spoke to Director Moskowitz but didn’t like what he had to say. He said his office selected Publix, not DeSantis, and the whole story was “bullshit.”


On Thursday, DeSantis’s replied to the “60 Minutes” producer by questioning the “arbitrary deadlines” and noting that there were still “days” available before the airing and that she has “never encountered this issue before.”

DeSantis’s office submitted the answers to the questions on Friday, past the deadline set by “60 Minutes” but two days before the show aired. The responses were ultimately not included in the on-air report.

’60 Minutes’ did manage to interview an anti-DeSantis drone after the deadline, however.

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