Geraldo insults Leo Terrell and gets slammed


Fox News reporter Bill Hemmer brought in Geraldo and Leo Terrell to discuss St. Louis and the mayor who said whites can’t lead a minority city.

Leo Terrell called out the mayor as racist. That’s when Geraldo asked Leo when was the last time he was in the ghetto.

Terrell grew up in the ghetto and was a civil rights attorney for thirty years. He was insulted and let Geraldo have it.

What Geraldo said was racist and denigrating. Terrell’s visits to ghettos have nothing to do with a racist comment by the mayor. Geraldo is dishonestly distracting from the issue. He’s infuriating.




    • Jerry Rivers is an incredibly insecure, tiny man. Intellectually, he stands on his tippy toes but he’s still a runt and will remain so. He is nothing but an irritant, one of many FOX insists on putting on their shows. I think they have a death wish!

  1. Smart people get out of the ghetto by any means necessary.
    Only the truly poor, gang bangers, drug dealers (hood rich ballers) or those who vote for a living remain. (racist!)
    Geraldull is a clown and should come out in a sporty colorful oversized clown suit.
    Racist, racist, racist, seamlessly took over from Russia, Russia, Russia.
    This just in from Marsha Brady-Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine.

  2. Geraldo was shown to be a side show with Al Capone’s Safe. I have no idea why he’s on FOX, unless it’s just a case of someone feeling sorry for him. Geraldo is anything but a serious reporter and really just degrades the FOX News Network. He should just quietly retire from public life because he looks more and more foolish, but probably can’t.

  3. Time and time again speculations are being used as facts by the left.
    It lacks ethics and rationality, and has absolute no foundation in logic or due process.

    Trump quite specifically says “to peacefully protest in front of the Capitol”

    It’s like the left knows that they can’t get enough traction sticking to the truth, or that truth and ethics have no elevated place in their ideology.

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