Embarrassing! NBC Isn’t Taking Megyn Kelly to the Olympics


Megyn Kelly isn’t going to the Olympics with the rest of the NBC staff. Everyone at NBC who is anyone is going. It’s a huge embarrassment for Kelly.

Kelly hasn’t performed well at NBC since she left Fox News. She has made some gaffes and has not been accepted by the NBC audience which looks down on Fox News and anyone who worked for Fox. There are gripes about some things she said while hosting on Fox.

She makes about $23 million a year for a Today show that is suffering from very low ratings. That’s not going over well for the network concerned about the bottom line.

The ill-suited host also reportedly infuriated her network for trying to book Catt Sadler, a former host at NBC’s sister network E! who resigned in a pay equity dispute with her male co-host.

The New York Post reported that NBC executives are furious with Kelly for her interest in airing Comcast’s dirty laundry.

Prior to that, she booked a lawyer for a woman who accused Matt Lauer of sexual misconduct on her show who lambasted NBC for its foul treatment of his client.

Kelly was supposed to be the NBC star during prime time NBC Olympics coverage, but now she’s not even going.

It’s a big comedown.

Some believe Kelly will take away from the “feel-good” nature of Olympics coverage and that’s why she’s not going.

No one is really saying why Kelly is being left behind but it could have something to do with the fact that Andy Lack, the NBC News Chairman is on the hot seat for having hired the failing Megan Kelly for $23 million a year.

Others say it could be the expense. Kelly uses private jets and would be an guaranteed first-class travel and accommodations and travel with a retinue of attendants.

Back in November, Radar Online reported the NBC suits were shipping Kelly off to Korea to escape the low ratings of her show. At the time, NBC sources told RadarOnline.com that Kelly, 47, has been tapped to head on-air coverage for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, slated to start Feb. 9.

They also said people believed NBC was just trying to get rid of her and Kelly thinks they’re doing her a favor. Radar quoted people saying they hoped NBC leaves her in Korea.

Radar quoted Matt Lauer – before his fall – as saying Kelly’s show is a big problem for NBC and he doesn’t bother to defend her.

Well, now she’s not going.

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