Emory Law Journal Refuses To Publish Scholarly Article Challenging “Systemic Racism”


Emory Law Journal Refuses To Publish Scholarly Article Challenging “Systemic Racism” Finding It “Hurtful and Unnecessarily Divisive”

“We take issue with your conversation on systemic racism, finding your words hurtful and unnecessarily divisive,” wrote the Editors of Emory Law Journal to U. San Diego Law Professor Lawrence Alexander.

They won’t allow a debate? They decided and that’s it? If you disagree and it hurts someone’s feeling, you can’t publish it? What about my feelings?

The Legal Insurrection reported the story. You might really like to read it.

Personally, I don’t think systemic racism exists. Do you? To me, it’s THE BIG LIE. In 33 years of education, I never once saw signs of systemic racism. Once in a while, a teacher would jump the gun on getting too much help for Black children. So, shoot us.

One time, I had a number of very large Black people come down from the state to examine our special students. They tried to intimidate me and I didn’t appreciate it. They assumed racism. We had a large population of Black children without fathers and many were tied to gangs. The state people, some were community organizers, needed a lot of help. They said we had too many children in special ed, claiming it was racist. I said fine. ‘Check out our files,’ as I threw hundreds in front of them, ‘and tell me which child you want me to take special help from. In fact, put it in writing so I can explain it to their mothers (sometimes it was grandmothers)’.

They left without a word, got a simple report back saying they didn’t find a problem, and they never returned.

Giving too much help because you care is bad? Anyway, we didn’t give them too much help or treat them differently. We love all children.

I volunteered in the hospital and never saw a difference in the way minorities were treated. It’s absurd. If they choose not to go, that’s their choice.

The article at Legal Insurrection gives all facts and exchanges of letters with the frauds at Emory U Journal, a so-called prestigious journal.

The Left is destroying the country with this nonsense.

The article once accepted and then rejected because Professor Alexander wouldn’t take the meat out of it, can be read below.

Alexander Article by M D on Scribd

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