Employee Who Set Off ICBM Alert to a Million People Learns His Fate


A worker in Honolulu Hawaii accidentally pressed the wrong button and set off alerts of an incoming ICBM this weekend. It was either deliberate or the liberals in Hawaii who set up the system are amazingly incompetent.

Instead of choosing the correct button for a drill, we are being told an employee twice pressed the wrong button. We are also being told the employee didn’t know what he had done until he received the cellphone alert himself.

The worker is very sorry and has been welcomed back to work but not to the same job. Actually, the process is the problem if what they are telling us is true, and the responsibility is much more their error of the system and who devised it than the employee’s – if what they are saying is true at all.

Many think this was done deliberately by a deranged leftist who wanted to let people know what Trump was going to do to them. The left thinks he’s going to start a nuclear war and lots of luck trying to find a Republican in Hawaii.

You never know.

Rush reminded his listeners today that, even on an iPhone, if you try to wipe out the data, you get several stern warnings on your iPhone and the last one asks, “Are you sure you want to do this?”, but we are to believe that this one employee in Hawaii hits the alert button twice and the state of Hawaii gets an alert? We’re just lucky no one was injured or died because of it.

It took 38 minutest to correct the error so did they track the “missile”? They told parents to put their kids in storm drains. As Rush said today, within minutes, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard came out and said Trump had to get right on the phone to Kim Jong-un. That’s what they thought of?

Does this make any sense to people?

Listen to what Bernie-supporting Tulsi Gabbard said and think about this – she had no problem until Trump came into office.

Rush added that the left said the same thing about Ronald Reagan.

The Pope’s out carrying on also.

We believe the problem is the liberal Hawaiians terrible system.

If this is their system, it’s a sign of remarkable liberal incompetence and heads need to roll. If someone did it deliberately, the person(s) need to be charged criminally. People could have died. Some panicked Hawaiians were shoving their children down storm drains!

Listen up! This is what people should do if there is an incoming ICBM — open up the Scotch and tell your family you love them because you won’t survive it.

Celebrities are blaming Trump for this but it had nothing whatsoever to do with the White House, the President, or the Department of Defense — NOTHING!

The FCC is taking it very seriously and they are investigating.

If you missed the alert, it sent some of the million people who heard it into a panic and no one countermanded the alert for another 38 minutes.

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