Energy Crisis Point! Macron Wants US to Boost Oil Production Now


We have reached a crisis point with energy. Even President Macron suggested to Joe Biden at the G7 Summit that the US must ramp up production of oil.

This is a national security issue as well as a serious inflationary catalyst worldwide.

The EU is now forced to burn coal and buy oil from terrorist nations.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this administration can go in reverse.

Biden was counting on Arab nations to produce more oil but French President Macron was overheard (deliberately) telling Biden that the United Arab Emirates is at maximum capacity and the Saudis can’t produce much more.

“I had a call with MBZ,” Macron told Biden. (MBZ is the leader of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan.) “He told me two things. I’m at a maximum [production capacity] and [the] Saudis can increase by 150 [thousands of barrels per day].”

To us, it sounds like an appeal to Biden to produce more oil. At the same time, Biden wants to completely ban new offshore oil and gas drilling. We are at a crisis point and he’s charging ahead with a disastrous, flawed ideology.

Did Biden even understand what President Macron was saying?

As Dr. Shellenberger said, Biden’s refusal to drill during the worst energy crisis in fifty years is insane.

Macron’s revelation means that it’s up to the U.S. to produce more oil, and soon, or the energy crisis will get much worse.

If he doesn’t act, he is telling the world we are not going to lead and we are not leaders.

We are so desperate for Russian oil and gas, we can’t comply with our own oil embargo as ZeroHedge said.


As one of the Sentinel writers reported earlier, the World Bank wants Biden to ramp- up oil production. World Bank President and economist David Malpass, who gets it, said the US needs to ramp up everything, including fossil fuels. We have the biggest economy and the best opportunity to help other economies now struggling.

Biden simply wants to drain the emergency reserves, offer a gas tax holiday, and give handouts. He also thinks he can on one hand just yell at energy companies to produce more while making it impossible on the other hand. He is incapable of solving anything and offers only temporary political solutions.

He made his comments in an interview on Sunday. This pointed comment puts him at odds with Biden who is implementing the crazy Bernie Sanders’ economic plan.

“Big problem, and it’s really around the world markets look ahead, and they look at what the regulatory policy is going to be into the future. So if you’re an oil company, you hear the message from all around that, that the-the politicians don’t want your oil. So if you’re an oil company, you hear the message from all around that, that the- the politicians don’t want your oil. And so- so then you- you drill less -you put -you make less of your R&D plans.

We need production and we need it now. The world needs it.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

It is not hyperbole to state that the US is run and taken over by corrupt leftists and others deliberately destroying this nation. November 3rd 2020 was the critical moment in which DC staged a coup. I do not see why anyone who woke up November 4th and saw that 6 states stopped counting could not realize that the US had failed as a nation. Here we are 20 months later and the momentum of destruction is only growing. There is nothing to stop it, the so-called opposition in complicit.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Who is more senile: Joe Biden or Russia’s Putin? Neither looks healthy. Both push policies that border on madness. Both are severely damaging their countries.
It is no longer not enough to vote. Good people must be involved in the election process including acting as poll watchers. If you don’t want to watch you country crumble in to dust in the dust bin of history, get active. Support good candidates.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

This story is about the USA’s deliberate actions to sabotage our energy market and economy in general. This story has nothing to to with Putin. Your deflection attempt is not effective. Putin is producing energy in large quantities, it is going to China and India among other nations, the West does not want it, it is the West which has done much to discourage commerce.

Show us one example of Putin being senile. I listen to some of his speeches, and some of Biden’s, but Bidens are silly slogan laden rants. Putin is quite coherent and detailed in his statements. Clearly, you are not paying attention.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

How can you think that senility is the problem?