Engaged American Woman Was Kidnapped by Family for a Lucrative Forced Marriage


An American woman invited her Muslim family to her wedding in Mexico. They kidnapped her to arrange a forced marriage to another man for $500,000, Insider reports.

The DOJ said a woman invited her family to her wedding, but they disapproved and kidnapped her instead.


According to a court filing, she was tricked into going to Yemen, assaulted, and threatened by her father.

Her father and brothers attempted to arrange a forced marriage for her in exchange for $500,000.

“You are no longer in the West; you are in the Middle East; women like you are killed,” Khaled Abughanem told his daughter, according to the Justice Department.

“She was allegedly pushed down stairs, whipped with a belt, and choked by her father so severely she thought she would be killed…”

“…as many as 5,000 women are killed annually around the world for reasons of honor.”

She is still held in Yemen but has support from a nonprofit. Her father called her a “bit**” and said he should have killed her.

In the US, radical religious fascists want the freedom to own women as property, and they want Americans to call it “cultural diversity.”

How many have illegally crossed our borders and brought their religious practices?

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