DOT IG Is Investigating Buttigieg’s Constant Use of Private Jets


The Department of Transportation’s inspector general is auditing Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s frequent use of private jets. This is the man who wants us all on bikes.

In 2019, he said we were just a few years from the “point of no return.” Such irony.

Flight records reviewed were found to align with Buttigieg’s internal calendar, which was obtained by the watchdog group Americans for Public Trust (APT) at the time.

APT (Americans for Public Trust) executive director Caitlin Sutherland said, “After [APT] helped determine Secretary Buttigieg’s excessive use of taxpayer-funded government jets, we are pleased to see that his air travel is now under investigation.”

“Everyday Americans have faced unprecedented flight cancelations and disruptions, but Buttigieg has continued to fly private, even on a Coast Guard plane and even when commercial options were readily available.”

Mr. Buttigieg has been videotaped getting out of a van a few blocks from work to get on a bike for a photo-op. Yes, he’s a hypocrite, but it’s a badge of honor for him.

Mayor Pete flew private 18 times when commercial flights were available. Who knows what destruction this wreaked on the climate?

Mr. Buttigieg claims he is happy this is under review.

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