Enormous Protests in Canberra, Australia, Inspired by Canadian Truckers


Thousands of anti-mandate protesters marched into Canberra, inspired by Canadian truckers. Many of them camped out in an Exhibition Park (EPIC) but were ordered to leave by Sunday evening or the police could take action.

“People who remain in EPIC after this time may be considered trespassing.”

But police have said the demonstrators have been well behaved overnight, with no arrests taking place at EPIC following Saturday’s march.

One man was arrested on Saturday after he breached a fence and ran onto the forecourt area, with police quickly tackling him to the ground.

Scott Morrison said, “Australia is a free country and they have a right to protest. I would ask them to do that in a peaceful and respectful way.”

Morrison said the federal government had only ever supported mandates for aged care and disability workers, as well as health workers in high-risk situations.

“All other mandates that relate to vaccines have been imposed unilaterally by state governments,” he said. “They have not been put in place by the commonwealth government … so I understand their concerns about these issues.”

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Larry Folds
Larry Folds
2 years ago

Biden should be charged with a crime for interferring with Canadian politics.

Seismic Shift
Seismic Shift
2 years ago

People power! Power to the people is their greatest fear besides consciousness.
Look for huge false flags and crackdowns by jackbooted dullards.
No more crybullies pushing the weak and strong around.
It is our turn now.
How about those Canucks! Got my Ottawa and Quebec XXXL hockey jerseys out of storage for domestic violence weekend err I mean Las Vegas betting odds bowl. [Super Bowl]