Entire Buffalo Response Team resigns over treatment of 2 officers who pushed 75 year-old activist


Update: The Mayor said he will not fire the police. The protester who fell was an “agitator.” Byron Brown, the mayor of Buffalo, said Friday that the man who fell was an “agitator” who had been asked to leave “numerous times.”

“What we were informed of is that that individual was an agitator. He was trying to spark up the crowd of people. Those people were there into the darkness. Our concern is when it gets dark, there is a potential for violence,” Brown said.

“There has been vandalism, there have been fires set, there have been stores broken into and looted. According to what was reported to me, that individual was a key major instigator of people engaging in those activities,” the mayor said.

Brown said he will not insist that the two cops be fired because they need to get “due process”.


The entire Buffalo Police Department Emergency Response Team has resigned after the department suspended two officers without pay when a video surfaced showing them shoving a 75-year-old protester. The 57 officers are still employed, they only resigned from the Team.

They shoved the man, who, as it turns out, is a professional activist. He’s a longtime peace activist.

John Evans, president of the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association, announced the 57-member team’s resignation at a press conference Friday.

“Fifty-seven resigned in disgust because of the treatment of two of their members, who were simply executing orders,” Evans told a local NBC affiliate.

In a graphic video (see below) shot by a WBFO journalist, the officers yell for the man, 75-year-old Martin Gugino, to move back before one or two appear to push him before he falls backward, slams his head and then is bleeding and motionless on the ground. One of the officers appears to lean over and say something to the fallen Gugino before a fellow officer pulls him away.

A person can be heard yelling “He’s bleeding out of his ear!” and calling for medics. The man is seen lying on his back with blood trickling from his head.

The Buffalo Police Department initially said the man tripped and fell.

After the officer pushed him, he lost his balance and fell backward.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown (D) said in a statement that he “was deeply disturbed by the video.”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) got involved, having no facts, and wrote in a tweet that “Police Officers must enforce — NOT ABUSE — the law,” adding that he and Brown agreed that the “officers involved should be immediately suspended pending a formal investigation.


The man has a number of health issues and is still in the hospital.

You can watch the video, but videos don’t tell the whole story. The officers were trying to push him out of the way, not knock him out. He lost his footing.

Condemning people based on videos on Twitter is just wrong, but that’s what is happening. Cuomo is involved and it’s political. He needs to butt out and let all the information go through a review, fairly. Unfortunately, the officers are being tried and convicted on Twitter.


Read the description. It seems the officers might have been doing what they were trained to do.

Mr. Gugino is not supportive of police.

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Keep It Simple
Keep It Simple
3 years ago

Kick agitators and Bolshevik revolution plotters off of the streets.
I know St. Floyd was known to everyone just two weeks ago but let’s don’t burn the country down just for shi1ts and giggles.
Das Radio played Hussein Hopenchange reading some Lincoln speech that was mondo bizarre.
You never go full mondo bizarre.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

Try some reality, the leftist agitator approached the officers who were in a defensive posture, he was repeatedly told to back off, did not, and he reached to an officer. Officers are properly trained to react. The old guy was lanky, easily fell over, he was barely touched.

Leftist violence is 99.99% of what is going on in this nationwide protest, you think it is just a footnote.

Your completely disproportionate post adds nothing and destroys whatever point you try to make.

Tippy Tulips
Tippy Tulips
3 years ago

“The officers were trying to push him out of the way. Not knock him out. He lost his footing.” Well, maybe they shouldn’t have pushed an elderly man as forcefully as they did. I agree that you often need more context than what is available in a short portion of a video, but unless there is something more that isn’t in the video that adds more information and context, it looks to me like the police were out of line in this instance. And yes, people on the left who are being violent are in the wrong as well. Your whataboutism is just that – whataboutism, and adds nothing to the point you tried to make.

3 years ago

IF you can still watch this – the Guardsmand/Police did NOTHING to cause this – the dirtbag was refusing to move – and expected this – and probably did NOT catch himself on purpose to cause such a wound. He’s an idiot – but committed.

Frank S.
Frank S.
3 years ago

Cuomo said NOTHING about the savage beating this Rochester woman took at hands of looters wielding pieces of lumber. NOTHING said about that, even after President Trump called attention to the brutal attack.