Maxine says the word ‘rioting’ is racist, she was mostly pro LA riots too


In an interview with The Cut, Waters seriously contended that the term “rioting” constitutes “negative language used far too often in a description of black people by folks who fundamentally don’t see black people the same way they see whites and others.”

“A lot of negative language gets used against black people, describing what whites often believe is true about us: that language includes ‘lazy,’ ‘criminal,’ and ‘rioting,’” Waters added.

Waters explained that she prefers to label the rioting as “insurrection”.

“I said ‘insurrection’. People acting out of frustration and hopelessness and understanding that they don’t have an establishment — political or otherwise — that really cared about their ability to work or have good health care. Yes, I choose to call it an insurrection.” Waters declares.

Most of the people rioting this week are white leftists, but it doesn’t matter. She’s being ridiculous.

The Democrats want to control the language to control how we view things. Mad Max wants you to think rioting is okay. This is the woman who is rumored to have hugged the man who slammed Reginald Denny over the head with cinderblock in 1992.


For those who don’t know about the LA Riots of 1992, 58 people died, and many more were gravely injured, including a man called Reginald Denny.

Denny was a truck driver who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he was the wrong color.

Denny was pulled from his truck and smashed in the head with a cinder block until he sustained brain damage. It was a hate crime if there ever was one. He was pulled out because he is white.

It all happened on videotape, a helicopter caught it, and it happened in Maxine Waters’ city. But she did not denounce the attack. On the contrary, she all but endorsed the attack.

The leader of the mob that nearly murdered Reginald Denny was called Damien Williams.

Maxine Waters visited Damien Williams’ mother to offer her support. She is said to have hugged the criminal. Williams was sent to prison on a single felony charge of mayhem, but when his accomplices got off, Waters joined in the celebration.

Damien Williams was released a few years later and went on to murder somebody else in 2000. He is still in prison today serving out a 46-year sentence.

Waters did not learn a thing from the experience. She went on to describe the LA Race Riots as, quote, “a rebellion, and in ways understandable.” Including, apparently, the part about smashing people’s brains in for being the wrong color. Yep, that’s the Democratic Party’s new expert on race relations.

Raw footage, brutal:

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2 years ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA – I don’t GAS what color they are – if they break ithe glass into my business, they will be suffer near- fatal consequences . Red, yellow, green, black, I don’t GAS. BTW, Maxine – can you tel me the last time you saw WHITE people rioting and LOOTING? Yeah, there IS an occasional white ANTIFA – but look at ALL the looters – VAST majority are Black. What say YOU about that?

2 years ago

Hey Maxine, the word Maxine is racist, now get lost you racist bigot!!!!!

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

Tomato, tomahto, potato, potahto, riot, insurrection. So what you stupid old racist bitty, call it what you will but they’re still rioters committing crimes, destroying people’s lives and property so need to be prosecuted.

herbert r richmond
2 years ago

Maxine the Queen of Welfare, now Commander of Brown shirt mob fascists, thugs, and looters meant to enforce order.

Czar Of Flatulence
Czar Of Flatulence
2 years ago

The people’s spontaneous property redistribution is too long so we use riots.
The dog whistle is taking a beating and will fall apart if the comrades aren’t careful.