Entire Laredo sector’s unmanned but Mayorkas claims the border’s closed


The entire Laredo border sector is unmanned. Checkpoints in and out of Laredo have been shut down. The Biden administration took agents from Laredo and sent them to Del Rio.

The checkpoints in Laredo have been left unmanned since 6 p.m. Friday, where BP agents were reassigned to Del Rio according to Congressman Cuellar.

People can still drive in and out of Laredo, this just means the checkpoints are bypassed.

Yet, DHS Secretary Mayorkas has the audacity to just lie and claimed yesterday that he really believes the border is closed. He knows it’s wide-open.

These administrators are all open borders communists. Donald Trump said today that the US will become a third world nation [like most of the world] and that is true. Thank a Democrat.

This is the Del Rio sector where the population of the town has swelled by 40% because of illegal aliens:

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