EPA Is Seizing Control of Mom-and-Pop Meat & Poultry Producers


As the EPA moves toward centralizing everything, it is targeting small meat and poultry producers with yet another overreach using the Clean Water Act. It will take choices away from consumers, but that is what centralization is all about.

Rep. Ron Estes of Kansas wrote, “Their recent proposed edict from their all-too-powerful rulemaking pen would devastate local mom-and-pop shops throughout the Midwest and across the country.”

Estes and Rep. Burlison sponsored a bill to deal with the rule, but it has no chance of passing the Senate thanks to the Democratic majority.


A new rule in a Biden “guidance” memo on January 23, 2024, puts 3,879 meat and poultry processing facilities under their jurisdiction. They had brief comment periods as they hid the announcement among a long list of endless regulations to control and destroy our way of life.

As the WEF strongly encourages, the regulation attacks the wastewater levels of Nitrogen and Phosphorus from animal meat processing. This is what they are doing to European farms without any real evidence.

It’s a big change that would destroy small meat and poultry facilities by forcing expensive [and unnecessary] water filtration systems on them. Many small facilities would be unable to cover these costs.

The people who buy and sell from local producers would also suffer.

Democrats want to control everything we do and eat. Look at the final rules, final rule costs, and paperwork hours by administrations:

This is the first time the EPA has extended its influence beyond direct discharge facilities. It all began with a Biden guidance memo. As George Soros recommended years ago in an article at The Center for American Progress, Democrats need to rule by guidance memos, executive orders, regulations, and rules that circumvent Congress.

Naturally, the Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for the Meat and Poultry Products Point Source Category includes Marxist environmental justice goals and so-called ecological benefits.

The Supreme Court snapped back the EPA’s powers in the West Virginia case, but the third branch of government is as irrelevant to them as Congress. This is a different case, but the same principle. At the same time, Democrats periodically demand we stack the court, making it a political arm of the Democrat Party.

Nitrogen and Phosphorus and essential elements for all living things. They are not villains. It doesn’t matter; the EPA has decided to control every aspect of the meat and poultry industries by using these elements as an excuse.

Several coalitions have been formed to fight the tremendous loss of jobs and the reduction in available meat and poultry as the lunatics of the left pour millions of poor people into the country who will need to eat.

The American Stewards of Liberty say the costs to meet these regulations begin at $300,000 to $400,000 and $100,000 annually to maintain these unnecessary systems.

Researcher Sagdal lists areas that it overlooks:


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