EPA to devise rule letting blue states kill pipelines or anything impacting water


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on Thursday that it will revise a Trump-era rule that sets limits on state and tribal authority to block projects that could impact their waters, such as pipelines.

We are back to puddles as a guideline for when they can put a halt to our oil and gas industry. Remember when Donald Trump said Biden would destroy our energy sector?

Under the Clean Water Act, projects that run through waterways – which can include pipelines and other fossil fuel infrastructure – are essentially subject to state veto.

This power had come under criticism from Republicans, who argued that it could be used to stall important infrastructure

The Trump rule in question sought to limit the scope of state-required approvals to only those that will impact water quality. It excluded other considerations like air quality or “energy policy.”

In a statement announcing its new revision, the Biden EPA argued that the Trump-era rule “erodes state and Tribal authority.” As if he gives a hoot about states’ rights.

“We have serious water challenges to address as a nation and as EPA Administrator, I will not hesitate to correct decisions that weakened the authority of states and Tribes to protect their waters,” said EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan in the statement.

That Trump rule followed instances where Democrat-led states blocked infrastructure. New York had decided not to allow certification of a 124-mile natural gas pipeline, and Washington state blocked a shipping port for coal.

It’s a ruse to destroy our energy sector. Democrats admit pipelines are the safest, cleanest way to transport oil and gas.

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