Eric Adams Says He’s God’s Plan for Gotham


During a press conference on Sunday, Gotham’s Mayor Eric Adams was asked whether or not the World Health Organization’s declaration that monkeypox is a global emergency would change how he handles the issue.

Adams decided to answer by saying that it was God’s plan for him to be Gotham’s mayor in 2022. He also thinks God is a ‘she’. He laughed as he noted that he’s using his skills – whatever they are – to deal with monkeypox, COVID, and asylum seekers.

“You know every skill I’ve ever acquired is coming to play right now. You know, I mean from monkeypox to COVID, to, you know, asylum seekers,” the New York City mayor said with a strange laugh. “You know, this is a moment where leadership matters. I think the Creator knew we were going to have a difficult time, so she made sure I was made at this time.”

Was he out partying again? Imbibed a bit too much of something?

He said something like that once before. Adams said God wanted him to be mayor of Gotham. Maybe God wants to smite us? Why else would ‘she’ stick us with him?

“I’m prepared for this moment,” he continued. “I built a great team. We are meeting these challenges as they come. And I’m just thankful that I’m here to serve this city. And the entire team, my five women deputy mayors, have led from the front. And you know I never hear them complaining. They’re always coming up with new ways of solving the problems that we face.”

What has he solved in Gotham? Can anyone tell me?

New York City is a clown show. It’s so bad that ladies buying bags in ritzy stores in posh areas need escorts – supplied by the stores – out to their ubers.


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2 months ago

Chain this POS to the inside of a subway car and let it play out.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 months ago

He said “you know” 4 times in 4 sentences. The leaders of cities and states show what kind of people live there. Even with vote fraud, there is no excuse for people like this to be anywhere close to winning an election.

When I lived on the east coast in the 80s, my home state Illinois was conservative, I was outraged at how leftist it was in the east. I could not get home fast enough. People get accustomed to the environments they are in, and do not realize how bad it is. Now Illinoisans are that way.

Tempus Fugit
Tempus Fugit
2 months ago

He’s been drinking too much ripple again.