Eric Adams Won’t Lift the Now-Unenforceable Mask Mandate for Toddlers


NYC Mayor Eric Adams will NOT lift the mask mandate for toddlers as promised due to an alleged uptick in COVID cases. He was ordered to lift the mandate by a judge and promised less than two weeks ago that he would unmask the babies.

Adams and new New York City Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan made the announcement at a press briefing Friday.

“That’s why we are recommending to wait a little bit longer to make masks optional for this age group,” Vasan said.

This has nothing to do with science.

Staten Island Supreme Court judge Ralph Porzio ruled Friday that the mandate was unenforceable because it’s “arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable.”

It can’t be enforced so lots of luck Eric.

Adams is a horse’ s@$$. People need to ignore him. This is unnecessary and it’s child abuse. After the judge’s ruling, he can’t enforce it.


Meanwhile, he has police clearing out 250 of the thousands of homeless’s boxes, treehouses, and tents. Only 5 agreed to go to shelters that are more dangerous than the streets. So what happens to the 200 who won’t? They’re probably getting new makeshift housing from a charity and will soon be back.

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