Eric Trump will sue NBC & NBC does it AGAIN less than a day later!


Eric Trump says the apology by NBC’s ‘reporter’ Lawrence O’Donnell is not enough and he plans to sue. If you listen to his apology — for his vicious fake news story about Trump having Russian oligarchs co-sign his Deutsch Bank loans — it isn’t an apology. O’Donnell says the story wasn’t ready to air but he can’t say it’s not true.

He should sue. The only thing that might straighten out these yellow journalists is to make them pay for their sins.


We did not print this next story yesterday because we knew it wasn’t right. The President would never do this to our service people. He’s their biggest fan.

Different day, same story. NBC’s reporter, along with other fake news networks, shared fake news about the president’s latest policy.

It’s the story about a new U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ policy concerning how children born to U.S. service members overseas will be classified.

In a since-deleted tweet posted Wednesday afternoon, NBC News national security reporter Ken Dilanian claimed that “[a]s of October 29, children born to U.S. service members outside of the U.S. will no longer be automatically considered citizens. Parents will have to apply for citizenship for their the [sic] children in those situations.”


He wrote a correction to his own story, explaining the new rule will only apply in very limited circumstances.

“Correction: Experts who have looked at new USCIS policy say it applies if a service member adopts a child overseas, but children born to service members on deployment would still automatically get citizenship. I deleted tweets with the incorrect info,” he wrote.

They’re already citizens of the country they were born in. They have to go through the process of naturalization when they are adopted. That’s all, and it’s not new, nor is it complicated.

If the reporter had done just the tiniest, wee bit of research, say, call the White House, he could have reported accurately. Instead, we had to see Twitter hashtags of fake news about John McCain and how he would never have been allowed to run for President and would never have been a citizen.

The news media are activists, agitators, rumor mongers, and propagandists who would make Joseph Goebbels proud.

Acting USCIS Ken Cuccinelli provided further clarification:

“The policy manual update today does not affect who is born a U.S. citizen, period,” he wrote in a series of tweets. “It only affects children who were born outside the US and were not US citizens. This does NOT impact birthright citizenship.”

“The policy update doesn’t deny citizenship to the children of US gov employees or members of the military born abroad. This policy aligns USCIS’ process with the Department of State’s procedures for these children – that’s it. Period. US laws allow children to acquire US citizenship other than through birth in the US. Children born outside of the US to a US citizen parent or parents may be US citizens at birth under INA 301 or 309, or before age 18 through their US citizen parent(s) under INA 320.”

It’s simply an update of what was already there, in the manual! This is an update, a normal update.

Watch this clip carefully:

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