Erick Erickson Says This Fight for Speaker Is a Fight to End Crisis-Government


Fox News and other outlets have been torching the minority fighting the McCarthy speakership. Erick Erickson is disappointed in the media. He says no one is talking about the depth of thinking behind these votes. This is a fight to end crisis-government.

Normally, I don’t listen to anything Erickson has to say, but watch the clip. and see what you think.

Erickson says the media attributes the motives of the Conservatives to hubris, arrogance, egoism, childishness, and so on. That’s not it, and the media refuses to tell the truth.

Erickson said McCarthy is rudderless and principleless. With McCarthy, everything is transactional. McCarthy constantly sells out conservatives to Democrats. That’s why the minority is fighting so hard.

“The same outlets who view gender as a spectrum refuse to acknowledge the spectrum of views on the Republican side as opposed to identifying them as an ideological monolithic party,” Erickson said. “My friend Chip Roy and many of the other “rebels” are genuinely concerned about electing another principleless speaker leading a Republican majority and the country into further financial crisis.”

Erickson believes McCarthy is a sinking ship, and he doesn’t understand why Donald Trump is supporting him.

Republicans are hurling acrimonious invectives at conservatives just as they did during sequestration. Conservatives won that one.

As Erickson said, politicians get dramatic and hysterical to get their way. They go from crisis to crisis because the leadership decided they could wait until the crisis is upon us and then rush the bills to a vote and get them passed sight unseen.

McCarthy did the same thing here. He didn’t bother to speak to these people because he thought they would care.


One of the things they are fighting against is going from crisis to crisis. Everything is leadership driven now, and they take a top-down approach. You either do what they say, or there will be a crisis – the government will shut down or something similar.

The rebels are tired of crisis-government. They want to pass bills and budgets and debate again, even if they lose at times.

McCarthy pioneered crisis government.

Aren’t you tired of a government that waits for the crisis to come upon us before anything happens?

This isn’t about a polarized America. This is about a multi-faceted problem of process, Erickson says. Every so often, the minority gets to have a voice, so live with it.

This is about McCarthy, who waited until the last moment, expecting them to cave when the crisis was upon them. It didn’t work. The minority doesn’t want to be bullied or cajoled. They will not accept Kevin McCarthy. Republicans can have a Speaker today if they dump McCarthy.

I agree with Erickson. The only ego is McCarthy’s, and we don’t care if it’s embarrassing. Dump McCarthy. The minority has their stuff together. They are using the process to end crisis-government. Wouldn’t that be a relief?

Do you think Erickson is right?

Is this dysfunction finally a fight for better governance?


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