McConnell Loses 5th, 6th Rounds, 7th Round of Voting at 8 pm


The fifth round of voting is over, and so is the 6th. McCarthy lost again. Byron Donalds received 20 votes again. Democrat Hakeem Jeffries got 211 votes since one Democrat voted ‘present’ to let the process continue in the 5th round.

The needle isn’t moving. Rep. Boebert told Donald Trump to tell McCarthy he doesn’t have the votes.

A 7th round of voting is scheduled for 8 pm.

McCarthy’s idea is to call the minority “legislative terrorists.” That’ll work, Kevin, keep it up, and you’ll convince more people you are a big, fat LOSER.

Byron Donalds

It’s getting very tiresome hearing Newsmax and Fox complain about this democratic process. Shut up, Newsmax. Fox should shut up too.

The conference is heading for a 7th vote. Why? McCarthy doesn’t have the votes. Give it up.

Many Republicans in the conference feel McCarthy is being mistreated, and any talk of taking McCarthy’s name out of contention is nonsense. Congresspeople keep saying Kevin McCarthy has earned the position. He has worked hard raising money and made some concessions. However, he’s been mediocre when fighting for the causes Republicans allegedly represent.

We’ll see how it goes. It isn’t helping that most of the Republicans in the conference are trashing the 20 holdouts. They claim it’s hurting Republicans, and the holdouts are acting like children.

That doesn’t win friends or change minds. IMHO, the people hurting the conference are the Republicans bashing the holdouts.

McCarthy steamrolls conservatives to get bills passed Democrats love.

Here’s McConnell falling all over himself to welcome socialistista Biden to Kentucky while all this is going on.

He traveled to Kentucky with Joe. That’s so cute.

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