Erickson Calls Tucker “Comrade Tucker Carlson” Over Fake News


In an email this morning, Erick Erickson attacked conservatives who he thinks are suddenly abandoning the USA for Russia. He also blasted conservatives as Putin lovers on his show. It sounds like the old Putin Puppet attack. The basis for his comments was the false story that Tucker Carlson allegedly made a deal with Russia to air his program on Russian state TV.


The media could have called Tucker before reporting this fake news, but they likely had an agenda. Tucker’s representatives said they’ve been airing some of his clips illegally and without permission. They added that they have no involvement in the program in which segments of his show were dubbed into Russian.

State newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta initially reported on Russia 24, a state-run media organization, that they were broadcasting Carlson‘s program.

The Hill on Tuesday evening quoted Tucker’s representative as saying, “Any use of our content by that channel is without legal permission.”

Carlson also blasted the initial Newsweek report, writing, “This is completely absurd. The report is so dishonest and stupid. I’ve never even heard of this channel.”

It’s just another hit piece and an attempt to make Tucker Carlson and conservatives look bad.


What is particularly disturbing is when a self-described conservative like Erick Erickson uses it to attack actual conservatives. He told his vast audience that Tucker was in love with Russia. Erickson said Tucker promoted the subways that were built by Soviet political prisoners.

All Tucker said is how clean the subways were and he would like to see that happen in our states, particularly New York. There’s nothing wrong with that. He also interviewed Putin and people hated that, claiming it means Tucker loves Putin.

Erickson sent an email out this morning and headlined it Comrade Tucker Carlson.

He wrote in part:

While the story now appears to be false, it’s not a far stretch due to Tucker’s obsession with Russia since the invasion of Ukraine. Tucker Carlson infamously went to Moscow and gave Vladirimre Putin a soft interview with the exception of one pressing question about WSJ reporter Evan Gershkovich. From there, Carlson went on an oddly propagandistic tour of the country, praising everything from its subway system to its grocery stores.

Tucker Carlson’s post-Fox tenure is emblematic of larger issues that plague the right. If you watch Tucker’s show, you will be hard-pressed to find favorable news about America or American policy. He extolls the virtues of places like Russia and China while floating wild conspiracy theories about the Hamas attacks of October 7th. He allows people like Marjorie Taylor Greene to claim that Mike Johnson is being blackmailed by the Democrats and interviews fringe doctors who suggest that Lymes disease was created as a bioweapon.

Erickson thinks Tucker and many on the right are “disillusioned with the political process.” As a result, we fight the left on “every conceivable issue.”

Problematically, the left won’t negotiate or compromise as they tear down the country. Also, Democrats gave us a demented president. Erickson needs to concentrate on that a bit.

It all goes back to Ukraine. We’re not allowed to want out of that war.

He did point to some positives:

These Republicans who claim the right has to be as nasty and vitriolic as the left in order to win seemingly forget that purple states like Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio aren’t really that purple anymore. They forget that the United States has a Surpeme Court more ideologically conservative than at any point in recent history. As big cities continue to be overrun by crime, Soros-backed District Attornies are beginning to lose races because Black and Hispanic families are fed up with the crime and voting Republican.

He added that we should go live in Russia.

Meanwhile, the left is shipping in millions and signing them up to vote.

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