Three More Western Countries Recognize Palestine Amid War


The Daily Mail reported that a gloating Hamas hails ‘important step’ as Ireland, Norway, and Spain become the latest nations to recognize a Palestinian state.  Israel calls it a “twisted” move rewarding terrorism.

Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh, who doesn’t live in Gaza

Amid an Israeli war with a terror organization, Ireland, Norway, and Spain decided this was the right time to recognize a Palestinian state. They call it an “important step.”

This is only seven months after Hamas raped, tortured, and murdered two thousand people in Israel.

The three nations will formally recognize Palestine on May 28. That means 146 nations recognize the terror state of Palestine.

Ask yourself why none of their neighbors want the Palestinians. The West wants to please the Arabs pouring into their countries.

Donald Trump called for Israel to move quickly and get this war ended, which they tried to do. They quickly moved one million civilians out of Rafah. However, the Biden administration cut them off at the knees all along the way. They did everything imaginable to slow down the war. It should have been over by now.

Israel needs to finish up this war with great haste because a terror organization has won the PR war.

Hamas’s only goal is to destroy Israel. After that, it’s the USA, and our borders are wide open.

The way we treat our allies in favor of a terror organization is disgusting.

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