Et tu, Rick Scott?


Sen. Rick Scott was among former President Donald Trump’s closest allies the past two years. But the Florida Republican pledged on Thursday to back GOP incumbents, even if Trump or his family get involved in the 2022 Senate races.

Scott, now the chair of the Senate GOP’s campaign arm, shrugged off the possibility that former president’s daughter Ivanka Trump could run against Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) or that Trump’s vow to primary Senate Minority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.) will be problematic. He seemed unworried about Trump-backed challengers meddling in GOP primaries.

“I’m supporting the incumbents,” Scott told reporters. He said that he has not spoken to Ivanka Trump or anyone about Rubio possibly getting a primary challenge from her.

“Nobody has talked to me about it at all. Nobody. I’ve tried to call around. Nobody’s said anything about Florida,” Scott said.

Scott’s decision to support incumbents is also new for him.

The problem is the incumbents have spent four years twiddling their thumbs while Donald Trump did the heavy lifting.

Many in the party want America First and these Republicans have moved left to cater to Democrats for years. They want business as usual. They also want to banish Donald Trump and his agenda.

Weasel Mitch McConnell is doing nothing to contradict the illicit impeachment trial.

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