EU Commish Threatens Musk, Orders Draconian Rules or Else


Parroting Tim Cook at Apple, the EU Commissioner Thierry Breton is threatening Musk. Breton ordered him to ditch his “arbitrary approach to reinstate banned users,” pursue “disinformation aggressively,” and agree to an “extensive audit of the platform.”

If that isn’t Orwellian and CCP-like authoritarianism, what is? Newspeak is in, truth is out!

Twitter faces “huge work ahead” in order to comply with European regulations, EU Commissioner Thierry Breton told the company’s Chief Executive Elon Musk, according to a readout of the conversation provided by Breton.

You vill obey the masters, Elon!

“There is still huge work ahead, as Twitter will have to implement transparent user policies, significantly reinforce content moderation and protect freedom of speech, tackle disinformation with resolve, and limit targeted advertising,” Breton told Musk, according to the readout.

He means to protect free speech on the Left only.

Musk and Breton agreed the EU would carry out a “stress test” at Twitter’s headquarters in early 2023 to assess Twitter’s compliance with EU rules.

Musk has always agreed that he will follow the rules of the country Twitter is in.

Thierry Breton looks the part.

“He is in the process of reducing a certain number of moderators, but he will have to increase them in Europe,” Breton told Franceinfo in an interview. “He will have to open his algorithms. We will have control, we will have access, people will no longer be able to say rubbish.”

Breton earlier warned that Twitter would have to “fly by our rules,” shortly after Musk closed his $44 billion takeover last month.

The EU’s communistic Digital Services Act gives governments untold power over tech – too much IMHO, especially since they are very, very partisan left.

If Musk doesn’t comply, Twitter will face fines of as much as 6% of annual sales and could even be banned.

Breton suggests a “working relationship” with Musk. That sounds like a horrible experience. to me.

The entire Western World is heading toward a system worse than communism.

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1 year ago

Screw the EU. Don’t they realize that Elon has his own Missiles and Communications Network. What are these Despots afraid of – THE TRUTH!

Here’s a novel idea, tell the EU to ban Twitter if they don’t want free speech and see how well that goes over with Europeans. Maybe refuse to put up European Satellites. Pull the plug on Starlink for all of Europe starting with the Ukraine. European thinking is stuck in the Middle Ages, let them have Middle Ages Technology.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

The ‘retards’ are out in full force…unfortunately they are so stupid that they realize not that they are ‘morons’…and see themselves in their warped ‘carnival’ mirrors…as sane…