EU Commish Threatens Musk to “Behave” by Regulating Speech


Elon Musk recently said he had a terrible reaction to the second COVID jab, and felt like he was dying. His cousin ended up with myocarditis. Musk now allows doctors, who are concerned about the coronavirus vaccine’s adverse effects, to post again on Twitter.

That is probably one of the many things that a UN regulator, who said he must “behave,” finds unacceptable. “Behave” means he has to comply and regulate speech or face sanctions. The regulator boasted of the previous controls they had on Twitter.

The UN regulator, the EU Commissioner for Values and Transparency, Vera Jourova, attended the World Economic Forum last week. She threatened Elon Musk.

“We have the rules which must be complied with and otherwise there will be sanctions. I think that the confidence has been weakened, and I had quite a high level of confidence when it comes to Twitter. I have to say that we worked with knowledgeable people, with layers, with sociologists, who understood that they have to behave in some decent way. Not to cause really big harm to society. ..”

Who does this woman thinks she is and why do Europeans allow this type of censorship? The West no longer stands for freedom.

Jourova is an arrogant authoritarian who thinks she has the right to control free speech.

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12 days ago

One of the first bureaucracies the House needs to defund is the UN! That one is a no brainer. I can’t want until Elon does a document dump on the UN.

13 days ago

I Hope Elon comes out with a Dump on what the EU requests and does to its citizens.

John Vieira
13 days ago

Truly, stupid people are unaware of their stupidity…