EU Commission to Allow Russia Transit to Kaliningrad, Russia


The German government demanded an end to Lithuania’s transit blockade of sanctioned goods from mainland Russia to Kaliningrad, Russia. The EU Commission allegedly reached a deal that will allow Russia to transit Lithuania by rail to Kaliningrad.

At this time, Lithuania will not allow sanctioned goods to transit but other goods and people can transit.

Kaliningrad is isolated from Russia although it is part of Russia. It does not share a border with Mother Russia.

Some are calling it appeasement and others say it was an illegal embargo that would lead to direct war with NATO.


The German government was irritated by Lithuania’s transit blockade of sanctioned goods from mainland Russia to its exclave, Kaliningrad, Der Spiegel magazine has reported.

Since mid-June, the Baltic nation has been refusing to let items on the EU sanctions list pass through its territory. Moscow, in turn, has threatened retaliation. Lithuania suffered a cyber attack last week.

Der Spiegel ran an article on Thursday, claiming that the EU would soon issue a clarification to allow the passage of any goods between mainland Russia and its westernmost region. Officials in Berlin reportedly view the transit currently being blocked by Vilnius as “transport from Russia to Russia.”  They say that should be allowed. Lithuania’s unrelenting stance has allegedly angered the German leadership, the magazine reported.

The magazine went on to suggest that Olaf Scholz’s government is wary that Moscow could use force unless the blockade is lifted.

If our government was honest about this, they’d admit we are at war.


With the Baltic state being a NATO member, that scenario would mean a direct conflict between the military alliance and Russia.

As pointed out by Der Spiegel, the German chancellor has repeatedly said his goal is to prevent NATO from becoming a party to the war in Ukraine.

Berlin is particularly concerned about the situation since German troops are stationed in Lithuania as part of the alliance’s rapid force, the report adds. Der Spiegel cited unnamed Lithuanian government officials as confirming the intervention from Berlin.

It did appear to amount to an illegal embargo.

Lithuania was also concerned that Russia would plow through Lithuania to get to Kaliningrad, formerly Konigsburg.

It was a significant escalation in Germany’s view, and Russia’s.

The EU dropped the demand and is calling it a “clarification”. The West keeps shooting from the hip. At this point, something may well light the fuse and put us in direct conflict.


Meanwhile, Russia has seized all of Luhansk. It’s being described as “halting and incremental progress” by the West, although they have a third of the country. Luhansk is the last major city which had remained under Ukrainian control since 2014 when the LPR declared its independence shortly after a coup in Kiev.

Germany and France had brokered a deal to declare the Donbas independent. Ukraine refused to follow up on the agreement although they agreed to it originally. Now Russia has the region under its full control. Those are just the facts.


CORRECTION; We incorrectly reported that Lithuania started to dismantle railroad tracks. That was incorrect. We apologize for the error.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Commerce is a great peacemaker, it is our West which has been inhibiting commerce. Not coincidentally, it is our West which has avoided negotiations also.

1 year ago

Germany has 400 troops stationed in Lithuania under orders to not resist a Russian invasion and render aid. They have also told the Liths the cavalry is NOT coming to their rescue and should the bear to the point they decide to open the 63 km between Belarus and Kaliningrad. The flow of US weapons to Ukraine will slow or stop soon after next January when the Trump loyalists take control of Congress and impeach Biden and Harris and install Trump for the remainder of his rightful term. Trump will want to not just bring peace to Europe but,most importantly,  crush his Davos opponents who aided and abetted the electoral fraud which placed their puppet Biden in the White House. The best possible scenario (solution) is the partition of Ukraine between Russia, Poland and Hungary with the ceded area demilitarized. NATO can then be dissolved and replaced with a Trans-Atlantic Alliance between Europe, Russia and the US bringing permanent peace, prosperity and stability to all of western civilization. Let us call it the Putin-Trump Pact (The Europeans will do what they are told by their masters).

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago
Reply to  PanamaPat

Those are good ideas.

Since the German troops are not there to help, send them home.