EU Reaches a Deal to “More Aggressively Police the Internet”


The EU Commission reached a deal on the Digital Services Act this week to make “the internet a safer space.” They will require social media platforms to more aggressively police their platforms than ever before. The deal might include eIDs – universal IDs.

The EU Commission claims it will ensure that online platforms are held responsible for tackling harmful content. The DSA, which will combine with legislation in individual countries, is meant to be a huge threat. It will give rise to a fully-fledged Ministry of Truth.

The EU wants to allegedly tame the Internet “Wild West”.

Can’t wait to see how this is politicized. They will protect you by silencing you. The EU control freaks are mostly after the Internet and social media.


EU officials brokered an agreement on the Digital Services Act. It will force platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter to crack down on illegal content and disinformation. If they don’t obey, they will face steep fines, reports.

According to (emphasis mine):

Regulators will in the future police tech giants’ efforts to halt the spread of falsehoods, as information battles have come to the fore during the coronavirus pandemic and the Ukraine conflict. They’ll ensure that large digital companies better control algorithms that may promote extreme and unsafe content.

Noncompliance fines of as much as 6 percent of global revenue will hang over social media giants like Facebook and Instagram as well as porn websites, search engines like Google, podcast-streaming platforms such as Spotify, and online marketplaces like Amazon.

The ultimate threat would be a ban on companies that repeatedly fail to comply with the rules.

Digital ID is the act’s summary report: A universally accepted public electronic identity (eID) is necessary for consumers to have access to their data.

This is the EU position:

In its Communication on Shaping Europe’s Digital Future, published on 19 February 2020, the Commission took the position that universally accepted public electronic identity (eID) is necessary for consumers to have access to their data and securely use the products and services they want without having to use unrelated platforms to do so and unnecessarily sharing personal data with them. A single, trusted, secure, and convenient option to identify across the internet unlocks the digital world, protects against cybersecurity threats, and empowers users. The Commission will consider revising the eIDAS Regulation to improve its effectiveness, extend its benefits to the private sector and promote trusted digital identities for all Europeans.

Additionally, the Act targets so-called hate speech, disinformation, and other harmful online content. Moreover, the EU said it is going to protect people based on religion and gender. How does that affect Islamic terrorisms and transgenderism?


The Digital Services Act is a legislative proposal by the European Commission to ‘modernize’ the e-Commerce Directive. The government bureaucrats will police “illegal content, transparent advertising, and disinformation”.

They want one set of rules for allowed speech, with accountability for the violators.

It goes under the guise of protecting fundamental rights by not letting them see what they deem to be “illegal content.” In other words, some speech will be illegal and warrant punishment.

According to their summary, it will: Level the playing field against providers of illegal content and give Greater democratic control and oversight over systemic platforms.

Who would make the decisions about what is legal or not — governments.

It’s enormously-regulated government control of business and content that we see.


The US has a Digital Services Agency. It could easily grow into a Ministry of Truth. If the Internet becomes a government mouthpiece in the EU, it will spread to the US.

Hillary Clinton is a supporter. She came out on Twitter, pushing it for GLOBAL DEMOCRACY! [Great Reset?] It’s not a coincidence.


After she tweeted, Barack Obama came out to call for more censorship to allegedly protect us from RUSSIA.

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