Rep Gaetz: This is Why “Swamp Snake” McCarthy Will Remain as Leader


Newsmax host Greg Kelly said on his show last night, “Kevin McCarthy is a swamp snake and we don’t like him… In a moment of crisis, he wet his pants…” Later in the evening, Matt Gaetz appeared on Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt in the evening and explained why McCarthy won’t go — the covenant of fundraising. The comments came after Kevin McCarthy was caught in a brazen lie by New York Times reporters. The lie exposed his political cowardice and disloyalty.

Kevin McCarthy had a terrible, awful, bad day yesterday when he claimed he never asked Donald Trump to resign. Two New York Times reporters, Jonathan Martin, and Alex Burns, released passages from their latest book, This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future.

In the book, the two claimed that GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy told Liz Cheney on a January 10, 2021 call that he would counsel Trump to resign before the end of his term.

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