European Politics Might Be Moving Right Due to Crime & Immigration


In Europe, political analysts are pointing to Sweden and Italy as possible indicators of European politics swinging right.

In once safe and peaceful Sweden, bombings have become a regular occurrences.

There have been 997 bombings in Sweden so far this year. That is nearly four a week.

There was a startlingly strong performance of the right-wing Sweden Democrats in this month’s Swedish parliamentary elections. Polls show that the nationalist Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d’Italia) party is poised for victory in this weekend’s contests in that country in reaction to massive immigration and crime.

“Gang violence in Sweden was the issue in the election,” said Gunilla Herolf, a researcher at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs who specializes in European integration. It’s a problem, she added, that is weighing on every Swede. “Some are furious. Some are just terribly upset.”

In Italy, “security issues are being exploited by right-wing forces,” sociologist Giovanna Campani told Yahoo News. Exploited or is it just reality?

The Sweden Democrats got 20.5% of the vote on the promise they would deport some of the immigrants causing the crime wave. The party is ostracized but Swedes are desperate.

Sweden is now known as “the gun violence capital of Europe.”

The problem is mostly caused by young immigrants.

In Italy, it’s not just a problem of massive immigration. Youth gangs of Italians, which some 6% of Italian teens are believed to belong to, are becoming a nightmare for the country, especially around Naples and the south, though some African migrants appear to be starting to form them as well.

This June, however, an estimated 1,500 African youths also went on a rampage in the northern town of Peschiera, breaking windows, roughing up tourists and allegedly sexually assaulting young women on a train.

Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the right-wing Fratelli d’Italia, is making headway on fears that massive immigration will render Italians extinct.

According to a December 2021 YouGov poll of residents in 10 European nations, both Italy and Sweden were among the top three European countries saying that the number of foreigners allowed to immigrate to European countries has been excessive — a statement with which 77% percent of Italians and 73% of Swedes agreed.

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1 year ago

It’s easy to be Liberal when the World is working like it should. Sooner or Later the Conservatives will have to fix things when society breaks.