EU’s Burning US Forests As Renewable Energy


Europe’s Burning Trees from the US, Calling It Renewable Energy


Wood pellets from trees in the southeast United States forests are shipped to Europe to burn for electricity.

National Geographic warns that it could “undermine progress” in meeting climate change. The UK is one of the world’s largest wood pellets consumers, mostly from the US.

Germany, Japan, and South Korea also import wood pellets.

That sounds unsustainable.

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Forests of the SE US

The so-called infrastructure bill and the reconciliation bill promote the use of biomass energy, but more than 100 scientists are encouraging President Joe Biden to remove these provisions.

But Biden’s an idiot.

It’s easier to use old coal facilities to create wood pellets.

National Geographic writes, “Many old-growth forests are falling under the saw in the South East region of the United States to burn in the wood pellet stoves in the UK, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. This is a disaster of epic proportions.”

The industry is rising rapidly. A growing number of scientists state that wood pellets are far from green since carbon dioxide released from burning pellets isn’t completely absorbed by replanted trees for many decades — if ever.

ESG police don’t care about the destruction of forests in the US.

Proponents say biomass creates jobs and economic renewal, and forestland owners grow 40% more trees in the forests.

They claim it displaces coal, natural gas, and other fossil fuels – keeping that carbon in the ground. They have no real evidence that this is the case.

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