EV Vehicles: It’s Much Worse Than You Think


EV vehicles are not all that if we’re trying to reduce our carbon footprint en masse by 2030. A lightweight vehicle takes ten years to recoup its losses. Trucks are much worse. If you want to electrify transport in America, you need to double the grid size, which would be challenging. What we’ve done in the last 150 years — double that in seven.

That doesn’t make it impossible for the right amount of money, but if you want to do it by 2030, here’s what makes EV vehicles impossible as a final solution.

You need three times the amount of copper, four times the amount of chromium, four times as much aluminum, ten times as much nickel, and eighteen times as much graphite. Never in human history have we ever doubled our production of any industrial material in any industrial period – ever.

Now we want to do it for fourteen materials simultaneously! And we’re losing Russian output, the EV solution looks a lot worse.

Russia is the top producer for about half of this stuff, and we’re going to lose the processing capacity in China. So, this cannot happen with today’s technology.

[Someone tell Pete Buttigieg whose busy dealing with racist streets.]

The processing is all done in China with coal so the carbon footprint is not being factored into most people’s carbon assessments.

It must be done according to a plan which he describes in the clip. The geography must be considered according to the available materials. EVs don’t make the cut.

You must focus on where generation works well and then concentrate on transmission. We don’t even have a fuel disposition plan.

There’s a lot more. Watch:

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