Every Day, 90,000 Packages Are Stolen in New York City


Every day, 90,000 packages are stolen daily in New York City!

You are looking at a man stealing everything from mailboxes, putting the contents in garbage bags, and loading them into his car.

According to The New York Post, the Big Apple is launching a plan to prevent “porch pirates” from stealing an estimated 90,000 packages daily.

They will install centralized lockers in all five boroughs to give New Yorkers a secure area for package delivery.

The city Department of Transportation says it will initially place 15 lockers across the five boroughs, operating 24 hours a day, with anti-theft measures such as security cameras, LED lighting, and, most importantly, secure codes.

“New Yorkers deserve convenient deliveries without rampant theft and unhealthy pollution,” said Mayor Eric Adams. “Shared lockers are a proven model that will serve our economy, health, and quality of life — and this is just the beginning.”

Everything in this drugstore is behind locked glass doors, even toothpaste.

That’ll work [sarcasm]. What he should do is make sure these people go to prison. They aren’t. And they wonder why some areas have pharmacies, supermarkets, and department store deserts.

Nearly 33 million packages annually are swiped or lost in transit, according to the DOT.

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