Disgraced Sec. Mayorkas Is the One Rejecting Security for RFK Jr


Judicial Watch released a report on Monday before the House vote to impeach Mayorkas.

The conservative watchdog received 99 pages of Secret Service records from the Department of Homeland Security in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit. It showed that Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas personally rejected presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s request for Secret Service protection.

He has requested protection several times. His father and uncle were assassinated when he was a child. Last year, an armed madman with a fake Marshal’s badge was stopped by security at an RFK Jr. campaign event. An intruder showed up at his home twice.  Mayorkas rejecting Secret Service protection is just vindictiveness.

Judicial Watch received the records through a September 26, 2023, lawsuit filed after the Department of Homeland Security failed to respond.

DHS never responds to these FOIA requests as they are supposed to by law.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Marxist-Leninist, soft on crime and borders. Calling for refuge for the entire world.

The newly obtained records include a July 21, 2023, succinct letter sent by Mayorkas to Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle:

On May 26, 2023, Candidate for President Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. submitted a request to the Department of Homeland Security for United States Secret Service protection. In accordance with the authority set forth in Title 18, United States Code, Section 3056(a)(7), and in consultation with the Candidate Protection Advisory Committee, I decline to identify Candidate Kennedy for United States Secret Service protection at this time.

Kennedy requested Secret Service protection three times.

“Our campaign’s request included a 67-page report from the world’s leading protection firm, detailing unique and well-established security and safety risks aside from commonplace death threats,” Kennedy said after his first request was denied in July.

Alejandro Mayorkas was impeached on Monday night.

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