Every Top Dem Presidential Candidate Is Calling for More Gun Laws Now


The Gilroy, California killer didn’t stay in the news. It’s possibly because the police found radical Islamic literature in his home and, his grandfather, who only recently died, was a radical Islamist. On the other hand, the El Paso killer appears to be a white supremacist who killed a lot more people than the Gilroy maniac. Also, California has strict gun laws, Texas does not.

As a result, Democrat candidates are campaigning on the deaths of about 15 to 19 people. Another 40 were wounded. This just happened today at 10 am in Texas. The candidates barely express their sympathy and then called for gun control now.

Twitter users are blaming the President but all he has asked to do so far is deport criminals and make the border safe. Right now, it’s under the control of the cartels. The racists are also out en masse, many are white liberals who are blaming all whites for what this maniac did. The NRA is getting blamed again as well and they haven’t done a thing.

To sum up, the mob on social media and the MSM are blaming white people, Trump, Trump supporters, the GOP, the NRA, and guns, everyone and everything they coincidentally hate. The one person not being blamed is the killer.

Without restoring serious mental health services, nothing will get better.


Socialist Elizabeth Warren said the news was “devastating” and she was “heartbroken for the victims and families.” Then she said, “Far too many communities have suffered through tragedies like this already. We must act now to end our country’s gun violence epidemic.”

Son of a famed communist professor, Pete Buttigieg wrote, “My grandmother used to take me to Cielo Vista Mall. Now it’s one more mass shooting scene. How many more must grieve before we act?”

Beto said, “Our commitment is with those who will change this country so that this doesn’t happen again. This beautiful amazing courageous community will overcome.”

Joe Biden wants to know, “How many lives must be cut short? How many communities must be torn apart? It’s past time we take action and end our gun violence epidemic.”

Kamala says, ” We must act.”

Bernie Sanders wants us to vote away our gun rights.

Kirsten Gillibrand was herself.

Amy Klobuchar wants the House gun bill passed in the Senate. It’s horrendous and completely guts the Second Amendment.

Booker says, “Praying for everyone affected by this unspeakable tragedy, and for our country to find the moral courage to take action to end this carnage.”

Booker blames the NRA, an organization that does not sell or manufacture guns. They lobby for the Second Amendment and teach gun safety.

“In this election, we have to have leaders who are willing to stand up and say, ‘I’m not going to let this issue be determined by what the interests of the corporate gun lobby are and the NRA,’” Booker said (video below). “Because this is a uniquely American problem, a uniquely American problem that we have such mass slaughter in our communities like this, that happens regularly.”

The people running for office as Democrats are all statists who promote open borders. The USA could become a very dangerous place and we will need our guns. The Democrats have convinced people we don’t need them. Even if they convince more people to accept Draconian gun restrictions or to turn in their guns, many people in this country will refuse. Then what?

Democrats want all semi-automatics banned. That won’t fly.

These evil or mentally ill people or both who kill innocent people would find a way to kill and it’s not hard to buy illegal guns.

Then there is the matter of our sick culture, and the soft on gun crime prosecutors and judges.

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