Everyone’s masking up over skewed data


Less than 0.1% of vaccinated Americans tested positive for COVID-19

Of the 164 million vaccinated Americans, around 125,000 people have tested positive for breakthrough infections and 0.001% have died, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That’s good, right?  We’re protected if vaccinated — don’t need masks?

Along came Provincetown and the latest disinformation campaign

According to some politicians and some in the media, and CDC Director Walensky who is unfamiliar with her own agency’s data, it’s not so. The example they use is an outbreak among the vaccinated in Massachusetts — Provincetown.

Over 60,000 people attended an event in Provincetown and only 8.3% caught the delta virus which is in keeping with expectations. Read more at the Dispatch.

The assumption now is that the Delta variant is highly transmissible even for the vaccinated. The CDC, with a lot of help from Dr. Fauci, then decided to issue guidelines to include masks even for the vaccinated.

In Montgomery County, MD, they’re already preemptively ordering both private and public schools shut down. Some communities are going to full masks for schools. Some cities and states are ordering masks everywhere again.

What they didn’t bother to mention is it was among an overwhelmingly male population in a gay community during Bear Week. They huddle together in large numbers in bars pools, restaurants, et cetera. Not a criticism, just a fact.

Bear Week

That greatly distorts the data.

It Wasn’t a Big Problem

WBUR wrote, “Only a few of those cases led to hospitalization, showing that the vaccine is still exceedingly effective at preventing serious illness.” They also explained that it was Bear Week.

Vaccine Efficacy Is Holding Up!

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