Everything We Know About Santa Fe Killer Dimitrios Pagourtzis


The Santa Fe High School killer wore a Soviet hammer and sickle pin and an Iron Cross on his jacket. The Iron Cross sometimes symbolizes Nazis. He also wore a symbol of a goat head that is connected to the Church of Satan.

Some believe he was recreating Columbine.

The killer, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, always wore a trench coat and boots like the Columbine killers, and under his coat, he wore a ‘Born to Kill’ t-shirt. He posted regularly about guns on his Facebook page, which has been taken down.

According to his social media pages, he had a vested interest in guns, knives and animal torture.

His Instagram account has also been removed. The photos below, taken from his page, show an arcade game Silent Scope — which allows players to pretend they are a sniper. Another shows the underside of a frog and the last one shows knives and a gun. He did not have a criminal history but appeared to be obsessed with violence.

He committed the 10 murders and wounded ten others with a sawed-off shotgun and .38 revolver, both belonging to his father.

He followed only 13 other Instagram accounts, and eight of them were fan pages for firearms. The others include the official accounts for the White House, President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and Melania Trump’s official @FLOTUS account.

In one selfie from May 2, Pagourtzis wore a backwards baseball cap adorned with a pink and purple striped pin that is associated with bisexual pride. In his profile photo, he wore a black hat with a white peace sign on the front.

In another eerie Facebook photo, he had a ‘Born to Kill’ t-shirt spread out on a bed.

Pagourtzis was on the honor roll in Freshman year and was in AP classes in Sophmore year and played Varsity football. Allegedly, he was bullied by coaches. One AP Language Arts teacher said he was bright and did not present with warning signs. She said he never wrote “weird things”.

He attended a traditional Greek Orthodox church and participated in traditional Greek dance.

Governor Abbott said the suspect had information in journals, on his computer and on cell phones that indicated he wanted to commit the shooting and take his own life afterward. Abbott said the suspect “gave himself up” and told authorities that he did not have the courage to take his own life.

Pagourtzis posted the phrase “Dangerous Days” on social media before the rampage along with a pentagram symbol.

Since he didn’t kill himself, therapists will be able to determine what his mental condition is. They might find he is a psychopath.


Dylan Klebold, one of the Columbine killers wore the same Communist hammer and sickle pin on his boot [see photo]. The two killers wore trench coats like Pagourtzis. The Columbine killers also set bombs like the Houston killer. Both Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were mentally ill, with Harris labeled a psychopath posthumously by psychiatrists. Klebold was his dupe therapists agree, one who would not have committed this crime without Harris.

The Columbine killers wearing trench coats and boots.

He presents with strong similarities to the Columbine killers.

One thing is certain, the NRA isn’t at all involved.

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