Evidence the Subway Marine Acted Reasonably When Trying to Subdue Mr. Neely


A witness to the subway death of Jordan Neely told the NY Post that she thanked Daniel Penny, the Marine who subdued Mr. Neely, and she’s praying for him. The information indicates Mr. Penny was acting only as a Good Samaritan.

“I hope he has a great lawyer, and I’m praying for him,” the 66-year-old woman, who did not want to be identified, told The Post Thursday night. “And I pray that he gets treated fairly, I really do. Because after all of this ensued, I went back and made sure that I said ‘Thank you’ to him.”

The passenger said Mr. Neely was threatening passengers after he hopped on an F train in Manhattan.

“He said, ‘I don’t care. I’ll take a bullet; I’ll go to jail’ because he would kill people on the train,” the woman said of Neely. “He said, ‘I would kill a motherf—er. I don’t care. I’ll take a bullet. I’ll go to jail.’”

The Marine, Daniel Penny, didn’t step in at first, only after things got out of hand.

“This gentleman, Mr. Penny, did not stand up,” the rider said. “Did not engage with the gentleman. He said not a word. It was all Mr. Neely that was … threatening the passengers. If he did not get what he wants.”

She said riders werre taking video and they might come forward, perhaps anonymously.

At least one other passenger came forward on Penny’s behalf.

Mr. Neely’s uncle said Neely was medicating himself with K2. Was the K2 involved in his death? Will we get to see the autopsy?

Mr. Penny faces 15 years in prison. His lawyers said he was protecting himself and passengers on the train.

Neely was arrested at least 42 times. In one case, he kidnapped a 7-year-old girl and was dragging her down the street when caught. He only got four months for that. In another case, he brutally beat a senior. There was an arrest warrant out for him when he died. His rap sheet has strangely disappeared from the Internet.

Neely was on a list of 50 people threatening people on the subways and nothing was done.


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