Evidence VP Joe Shared Classified Material with Hunter


Paul Sperry tweeted last night that investigators have evidence Biden shared classified national defense information with his son, Hunter when he was vice president. Hunter does not have security clearance. The tweets:

BREAKING: Investigators have evidence Biden as VP shared classified nat’l defense information — including military briefings re US troops in Afghanistan & NATO cables — with his son Hunter Biden who was not a federal official with need-to-know and lacked the security clearance

Kathy Chung is also someone the investigators need to subpoena. Hunter is tied to the movement of the papers through the aide he recommended, Kathy Chung, and through this email from his laptop.

DEVELOPING: Investigators have obtained emails & logs revealing VP Biden’s scheduler & gatekeeper KATHY CHUNG –a key suspect in Biden’s classified docs scandal– was directly involved in arranging & attending meetings in West Wing & VP Observatory w/ BURISMA go-between Hochstein

What Sperry says is not a stretch. In January, the Sentinel posted documents and information from Miranda Devine that were found on Hunter’s laptop. They appear to have come from classified documents.


Top secret and other classified documents were found in the Biden UPenn center, Biden’s office, his Wilmington home, and the home’s garage. That’s the home he rented to his son, Hunter, during the crucial time period. They were in a box in the garage and easily accessible.

One email, unlike Hunter’s others, stood out. The document was detailed and remarkably prescient, as if it had to come from a presidential briefing or classified documents. It went from Hunter to Devon Archer, his business partner later imprisoned for fraud.

It was one week with then-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Devine said Hunter was “curiously well-informed.” You can read the 22-point paper on the tweet. It doesn’t sound like Hunter. It’s detailed and professional.

We knew the papers were moved by Kathy Chung upon Hunter’s request. That’s all we know right now.

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