Evil agents of the Taliban& Beijing mock the US during our Dumkirk moment


A less raggedy Taliban unit is now mocking the US iconic WWII photo after Biden-Rice-Klain-Milley-Austin made our military and all of us look like fools in their Dumkirk moments.

Dem-Favored Beijing Is Propagandizing to the Hilt

Beijing is on the ground in Afghanistan advising the Taliban on how to make fools of us, although we do a pretty good job on our own under the Biden administration. Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said our withdrawal made us “a laughingstock.”

Rather than denying a reporter’s remark about “China is laughing at the U.S.” during the conference, spokesperson Hua said, “Isn’t this a laughingstock in itself?”

Hua said that some U.S. media and individuals “habitually” take every opportunity to shift blame, suggesting that the United States has failed Afghanistan.

“As to whether the United States’ Afghanistan policy is a failure and whether U.S. allies still think it is reliable and credible, people have their fair judgment,” she said.

Meanwhile, China’s state-run media and diplomats have also been working on a prospective friendship with the Taliban.

Violent terrorists are right up their alley.

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