White House releases a ‘fascist’ document on defeating domestic terrorism (video)


We have posted several articles on figurehead Joe Biden’s national strategy to defeat so-called domestic terrorism, but it was also discussed succinctly with an assistant professor on Tucker last night. The plan is fascist and terrifying.

It is the Biden government’s second war on terror according to Glenn Greenwald who sees the January 6th riot as the false premise upon which to declare war on conservatives. The government is going after political opponents and it is a threat to democracy.

The Biden administration released the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism plan which you can read yourself below and you should listen to the professor in the clip below who read it.

Assistant Professor at Suffolk Community College and host of the PAs Report, Nicholas Giordano, studied the document and appeared on Tucker last night to outline it.

He said political appointees obviously wrote the document to push an agenda. It’s literally a manual for attacking political opponents.

It is “one of the most concerning documents” by government officials he has ever read.

The document lists three areas of concern.

The first is racism but they never define it except for white supremacy. These are the people who believe you are born racist. If you are born racist, are you born a domestic terrorist, he asks?

The document then talks about anti-authority sentiment which they seem to think is criticism of the government.

Thirdly, the report says incitement to violence is a threat and the government will decide what that is. They say questioning the election or COV restrictions could incite terrorism.

The Sentinel posted information on this link about how the plan talks of going after hate speech. And, here on this link, we talked about the government encouraging people to turn in family and friends.

Vague terms are used throughout that can mean anything, the assistant professor told Tucker.

Then, he said, the document talks about the four pillars and a partnership with Big Tech to censor and obtain private information. It talks about families and friends ratting out their family members and friends. It also pushes so-called gun violence and equity.

It is a totally fascist document.


Read It Yourself Below

National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism on Scribd

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