Evil parents sent their 3-year-old alone to the border, agents saved him


A 3-year-old boy was all by himself in the middle of a cornfield on the Texas border when Border Patrol agents found him Tuesday, US Customs and Border Protection officials said. Obviously, a criminal cartel took him up and didn’t watch him or deliberately abandoned him.

The boy was crying and had his name and phone numbers written on his shoes. The agency tweeted out an image indicating they were still trying to reach the child’s family.

This is insanity. We don’t want parents like his who would send him with cartels. He needs to be sent home.


The acting secretary of Homeland Security pushed back on the narrative that President Donald Trump’s border wall is not being built, pointing out that construction has actually been going at an aggressive pace.

“So normally for a federal project of this scope, from the time you get funded to starting, it’s over two years,” Kevin McAleenan said Tuesday on Fox News. “We’ve already built the [fiscal year] 2017 funding in less than two years. That shows how aggressively we’re moving out on this,” BizPacReview reported.

Obviously, the wall will help, but what really has to happen is a change in our laws. The worthless Congress won’t do it. They want citizens replaced with foreigners who are often coming for the freebies or to commit crimes. They don’t care what Americans think or want. This is not a partisan issue. It is insanity.


About six Mexican soldiers recently pulled guns on two US Army soldiers. They disarmed our soldiers and menaced them with AKs. Our soldiers were on the Texas side of the border and the Mexicans claimed it was an error. However, the Mexican soldiers often create diversionary tactics so criminals and smugglers can break into our country nearby. The President does think it is the case.

There is video of the foreign gangsters slipping people across the border nearby at that time.

Our laws make this possible.

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