EVs Would Cost $17.33 Per Gallon of Gas If Not for Gas Cars


A recent study done by the Texas Public Policy Foundation found that “adding the costs of the subsidies to the true cost of fueling an EV would equate to an EV owner paying, wait for it, $17.33 per gallon of gasoline.

A Newsmax host interviewed the Sector Analyst of Automotive and Energy Trends, Newsmax columnist and Editor in Chief of the Car Coach, Lauren Fix, and the Director of Life Powered, Jason Isaac. They helped write this study.

Isaac said they found that the cost to charge a vehicle comes to $17 a gallon, which they don’t have to pay because people who don’t own EVs and own combustion engine vehicles help fund the added cost.

They “are contributing to those costs, helping subsidize wealthy owners of electric vehicles so that they can afford to drive their fancy gadgets. So it’s a lot of hidden costs.”

Car companies are losing billions of dollars on these vehicles. Companies know about the hidden costs, particularly the electrical generation issues that we’re having. They aren’t pushing back “because they have no choice,” said Lauren Fix. “The billions of dollars in fines or millions of dollars in losses, I guess that’s the choice, and because I worked in the auto industry for over 40 years, I get to sit down sometimes with some executives off the record, and the same subject comes up about electric vehicles. And the same answer comes up all the time. We have no choice.

“If we don’t comply, the EPA’s going to fine us with every other three-letter agency, billions of dollars. We have to comply. So they’re making the product; they’re taking a loss on every single product.

“The consumer doesn’t realize that the insurance costs twice as much. Your time is valuable. You have to get a charging station or find a charging station. And the average cost of an electric vehicle is $66,000… you could buy hybrids, you can buy plug-in hybrids, like a Toyota Prius is a great solution…”

The consumer wasn’t really aware of it, but now you see sales dropping off.

The Newsmax host asked Jason what he says to people who say you’re just shilling for oil and gas?

“I love it when people call me a shill for oil and gas,” Jason said, “because I tell them that I advocate for policies that would actually reduce the cost of energy. And there aren’t many oil and gas producers out there that want to see the cost of energy decrease, but I do because it results in human flourishing.

“Energy poverty is poverty, so why not advocate for things that would help lift the last three and a half billion people on the planet off and out of poverty? You do that with access to energy. “… we’ve reduced pollution nearly 80% over the last five decades, and we’re number one in the world when it comes to access to clean and safe drinking water. There’s a lot of people around the world that would love to experience economic prosperity and environmental leadership that we have.”

Lauren Fix thinks pushback is coming. They aren’t meeting their goals since they can’t do it, and no one is discussing consumer choice. The government is taking it away.

As Sentinel reported earlier, the government is taking away our choice of appliances and heating. They want to do the same with cars and travel. The big government is applying one-size-fits-all to everything. It’s socialism with the government deciding every aspect of your life, and it doesn’t work.


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