Good Time To Listen to Walter E. Williams Discuss the Tyranny of Socialism


In 2015, during an interview discussing his book, Liberty Versus the Tyranny of Socialism, Walter E. Williams reminds the listener that if we become a democracy, the Founders would be “deeply disappointed” about the betrayal of their vision. Jefferson, Madison, and Adams condemned democracy as another form of tyranny.

If you notice, Democrats never refer to the United States as a Republic or a Constitutional Republic. They only refer to our form of government as a democracy. There is a message in that.

The term ‘Democracy’ is not found in our founding documents, our Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution, Williams says. When we pledge allegiance to the flag, it’s to the Republic for which it stands, not the democracy for which it stands.

The Founders thought majority rule was a form of tyranny. If you read the Constitution, it is a very anti-majoritarian document. The President is not chosen by a majority vote, the President can override a voted by the entire Congress and it takes a three-fifths vote of the Senate to override the veto, Williams says.

Hillary Clinton is leading the charge by Democrats against the Electoral College which prevents the exact tyranny he is talking about.

The Constitution represents our rules of the game.

James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, stood on the floor of Congress to rail against the use of taxpayer money for benevolent endeavors. If you look at the federal budget today, three-quarters of it is for the purposes of benevolence.

Madison also said charity is not a legitimate function of government.

Unfortunately, the values of most Americans are “distinct from the Founders of our nation.”

The Founders wanted very limited government. Madison said the powers of the federal government are limited and well-defined and restricted mostly to external affairs, but the powers left for the people and the state are indefinite and numerous. Today, we see the opposite.

Williams quotes Tom Paine in his book: Government even in its best state is a necessary evil and in its worst state, it’s intolerable. Williams notes that the history of man has been the arbitrary abuse and control of others. The Founders tried to move us away from that. The main enemy throughout history has been government, he said.

The Twentieth Century was one of the most brutal in history. The people who died in wartime pales compared to the people killed by their own government. Close to 100 million people have been murdered by their own government as documented in the book, Death by Government. It’s a strong argument that government is the enemy of mankind.

Look at the language of the Bill of Rights, Williams says, it says things like the Congress shall not abridge, Congress shall not prohibit, Congress shall not disparage, Congress shall not infringe.

About the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is often misunderstood. It was not written to allow farmers to go deer and duck hunting. It was to allow people the right to protect themselves from an abusive government. Hamilton comes right out and says force can be used against representatives who betray the people. The representatives are Congress.

Americans love government because the government can do things the people can’t do without going to jail. For example, if someone steals money, they go to jail, but when the government steals it for us, it’s okay.

Williams has a low tolerance for the TSA people and gave an example of an incident with one of them and his supervisor. He no longer flies commercial and takes private planes.

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