Which Communist Inspires Democrats – Hugo or Cesar Chavez?


Hakeem Jefferies slipped and said the voting bills were inspired by Hugo Chavez. He quickly corrected himself and corrected Hugo to Cesar Chavez. It seems he was right the first time, not that Cesar isn’t a communist. He too was a communist, but he didn’t believe in illegal immigration. Democrats want illegals to vote.

Cesar’s grandson, Alejandro Chavez, said last year, “that at the center of his grandfather’s legacy is the right to vote for every person who has done their part at making America a better place. He says that includes farm workers whose path to citizenship, and ultimately voting, is now in the hands of Congress.”

His grandfather didn’t believe in illegal immigration so we question the words his grandson is putting in the mouth of his long-deceased grandfather. It should also be noted that Cesar was the Greta Thunberg of farm laborers. The Left took him out of the field and made him an icon.

As for Hugo, he had an enemies list, a corrupt electoral registry, irregular voter rolls, corrupted interactions between the government and the private sector, questionable machine voting, and he nationalized elections. That is much closer to what Democrats are planning. They want to federalize/nationalize elections — put elections in the hands of the DoJ instead of the States, eliminate voter ID, reject the clearing of voter rolls, allow ballot harvesting, eliminate chain of custody on Zuckerboxes, require taxpayers to pay for their campaigns, and they are rejecting democracy and our constitution, just as Hugo did.


Biden’s Communist Advisers

Remember Anita Dunn who worked in the Obama White House and now works in the Biden White House as an adviser?

Dunn was best known for being a fan of the political philosophy espoused by Mao Zedong, founder of Chinese communism, and murderous dictator.

She thinks he was a political philosopher and is impressed with his successes.

And who can forget Obama press secretary Jay Carney who decorated his kitchen with Russian propaganda posters.

Several of Obama’s advisers are now Biden’s and they are tied to communists. Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, and other are in that pot. Hard-Left Soros has people in the administration.

In her dissertation, Susan Rice lauded Zimbabwe’s Marxist dictator, as a “pragmatic, intelligent, sensible, gentle, balanced man” who possessed considerable “patience and restraint.”

Biden tried to put a communist in charge of our currency and his press secretary graduated from Moscow U.

Let’s not forget that communist Bernie Sanders is in charge of the trillion dollar bills.

We think it’s more likely Hugo is the Biden administration’s inspiration.

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