Ex-Employee Sues Amex for Anti-White Racism


A former employee has filed a class action lawsuit against American Express for discrimination against white employees, Fox Business reports.

The new race hate is brought to you by Critical Race Theory. No matter what they’re calling it this week, anti-racism training is Critical Race Theory.

Christopher Rufo exposed American Express last August. They were engaged in anti-white racist training, calling it anti-racism.


A former American Express employee filed a class-action complaint Tuesday alleging that the credit card company exhibited “callous indifference” to civil rights law by terminating him because he is white and because he spoke out against its “racially discriminatory” policies.

Brian Netzel worked a decade for Amex until he was terminated in 2020. The problems seemed to begin in 2020, after George Floyd was killed. Mr. Netzel filed the suit on behalf of all the white people he believes faced “an avalanche of bad things coming to white people.”

Amex implemented “anti-racism” policies and “gave preferential treatment individuals simply for being black and signaled to white employees that their race impeded their future at the company.

Netzel described “a tremendous amount of animosity” that ended in white employees unfairly punished or passed over for promotions while some black people were promoted to meet racial quotas.

He made note of company town halls in which the CEO railed against police and systemic racism in the US and within Amex.

Netzel maintained that this created an atmosphere in which White employees were treated disparately and forced to undergo trainings in which they were told to treat black coworkers differently.

“We weren’t allowed to talk before they talked in a meeting,” he said, adding that they were explicitly advised against things such as touching black people’s hair, as if it were a frequent occurrence. According to the lawsuit, “no admonishments were given to black employees nor did the trainings direct black employees on how they should conduct themselves around other races.”

Netzel alleged in his complaint that his female manager, who is black, would “aggressively harass and berate white employees,” overworking them and retaliating with poor performance reviews. Amex knew what she was doing and gave her financial incentives to get rid of the white people.

A spokesperson for Amex described Netzel’s allegations as “false and without merit.” The spokesperson told FOX Business that the company has “a longstanding commitment to living our company values, which include fostering a diverse and inclusive culture where all colleagues can thrive.”

anti-white racism

In November, 2021, The Washington Times reported that Mr. Netzel filed an EEOC complaint. According to company records, American Express ordered employees to undergo “anti-racist” training sessions in which they were compelled to identify their “privilege” and define themselves by “race, sexual orientation, body type, religion, disability status, age, gender identity [and] citizenship.”

In addition, American Express paid Harvard Kennedy School professor Khalil Muhammad to lecture company employees. Mr. Muhammad, the great-grandson of Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad, spoke on the topic of race in corporate America and excoriated capitalism and American Express for alleged evils visited on people of color.

According to his EEOC complaint, Mr. Netzel objected to internal pressure to align with left-wing positions, which he said offered a distorted view of American Express’ core credit business.

“Our members were being burned out of their business,” he said of riots that erupted amid racial justice protests after the Floyd murder. “It seemed a bizarre position based on the company.”

Mr. Netzel also said he would have run afoul of the law had he followed Mr. Muhammad’s advice. “He insisted in his speech that we treat black people differently than whites, which in the credit business is illegal,” Mr. Netzel said. “I was floored.”

Mr. Netzel voiced concerns about the training and asked why conservative blacks like Thomas Sowell or Robert Woodson were excluded. He also posted on his individual Facebook page memes mocking people like social justice advocate Shaun King, whose fundraising has drawn criticism, and Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who pretended to be black and ran the Seattle NAACP chapter.

In terminating him, American Express cited his social media posts and even a private text discussion he had with a friend over whether Popeye’s or Chick-fil-A had superior fried chicken, according to Mr. Netzel’s attorney, David Pivtorak.

“I had posted jokes critical of the ‘woke-ism’ taking over the country and also been critical of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the street in Manhattan outside of Trump Tower,” Mr. Netzel said.

Discrimination against anyone is wrong. Stereotyping is wrong. Racism is wrong. These people are nuts.

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