Ex-Killer-Crack Dealer Makes History as Dem Candidate for NY Assembly


A former crack-dealer killer was nominated to run as the Democratic nominee for the 68th District Assembly in Harlem, New York on January 18th. He was convicted for manslaughter and was arrested for domestic abuse and other issues in the ’80s and ’90s.

The convicted killer, Eddie Gibbs, won the Democrat primary during a meeting of Democrat Party members, according to the Patch.

Already that sounds corrupt.

Gibbs, 54, was convicted of manslaughter in 1988 after pleading guilty to killing Otis Frasier at Manhattan’s Johnson Houses, according to the Daily News.

He says he was defending himself but he did serve a five-year plus prison sentence.

“I was defending myself in an altercation, and unfortunately, someone died,” Gibbs said. Gibbs said that he shot Frasier after being stabbed in the leg.

Gibbs served 5 1/2 years in prison. That sounds like no one on the jury believed his self-defense excuse.

When he was released, he became a community organizer. They are always Marxists – always.

“What defines a person is not how he falls, but how he gets up,” Gibbs said, according to the Daily News.

In 2002, Gibbs was given a “certificate of good conduct” to remove most job barriers, although he still cannot own a gun.

In a Facebook post, Gibbs praised himself as an example of redemption.


“As a result of the remorse I showed and the mitigating circumstances, I was given a lenient sentence by the court. Until this day I am very apologetic and disappointed by my actions and do not make any excuses for them,” he wrote. Then he goes on to make excuses about self-defense.

“I can also assure you that the 17-year-old boy [young man] who made those poor decisions, those 35+ years ago, is not the man who stands here before you today,” he wrote.

“My name on the ballot serves as the outcome of a fair criminal justice system and a commitment to redemption,” he wrote.

Hope so. If not, politics seems like a good fit.

“As a way to give back, my plan is to dedicate a large part of my campaign to educating my constituents, and all former incarcerated individuals on local politics. In underserved communities, there are often many myths that accompany their willingness or unwillingness to vote and it is my goal to be a liaison between what is a fact and what is fiction,” he wrote.

He has two opponents. One opponent is Tamika Mapp, a businesswoman who did not win the Democratic nomination, and a GOP candidate, whose name we cannot even find.

A businesswoman sounds like a better idea. Harlem is a mess.

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Gem and the Holograms
Gem and the Holograms
2 years ago

It’s wilder than a Jack Kerouac bongo bong load some of these headlines but it will only get crazier.
I have many camo outfits but the clown wig and size 20 clown shoes always give away my position.

2 years ago

What ever happened to the idea that Felons couldn’t work for Government, hold Office, Vote, get a Professional License, get a Gun Permit, or Teach?